Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Three Upcoming RED HOOK Events from - Falconworks, Urban Divers and PortSide New York.

With Spring around the corner, three Red Hook based organizations have sprung up with a number of worthy events they hope you'll support.

1) Falconworks Fundraiser, Monday, March 15, 2010. THE BELL HOUSE, 149 7th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 7:00 pm. -

Falconworks Artists Group, in their own words, "allows Brooklyn youth to make their own, well, anything. To finish this sentence anyway they want. To dream big. Dreams beyond situation and circumstance."

You may know Falconworks for their excellent "Off The Hook" youth theater / acting / play-writing programme. They are having a fundraiser.

CHECK OUT the details and buy your tickets on-line here and details about the event here.

Here's a brief description from Falconworks-


Prepare to party on Monday, March 15 That's when Falconworks invites the world to Brooklyn to celebrate past victories and raise money for future successes. The acclaimed Red Hook theater organization's Annual Benefit is a fundraiser disguised as a soiree – a chance to laugh, dance, network, and raise enough green to bolster all of our upcoming initiatives.


149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY

7:00 pm

Monday, March 15, 2010

Suggested Donation, $100.

($100 at the door)

2) Urban Divers Earth Day Celebration, Sunday April 25th, IKEA/Erie Basin Park, 1pm- 5pm. -

The Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy ( UDEC), will be hosting an EARTH DAY CELEBRATION event with its ENVIROMEDIA MOBILE- the spectacular traveling NATURE and MARITIME MUSEUM on wheels at IKEA/Erie Basin Park, in Red Hook on SUNDAY APRIL 25th, 1pm- 5pm. As part of the various activities that will be offered at the event. There will also be a RECYCLING program. Bring your OLD JUNK ELECTRONICS ( Carry-by-hand), your OLD READY TO THROW AWAY SNEAKERS for RECYCLING.

You can check out more information and a complete rundown of the Urban Divers' spring events schedule here.

Also, from the Urban Divers -

More Earth Day Celebrations....preceding Earth Day, on Sunday April 18th, 11am-3pm - "The Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy returns with its tradition for the 11th consecutive Annual Gowanus Canal Earth Day Flotilla Spring Clean-up. This event will be quite special as it will also commemorate the celebration of EPA's Official nomination of the Gowanus Canal as a SUPERFUND SITE... Hallelujah!.. Hallelujah!... a beginning to real environmental quality, protection of public health and property. The Urban Divers will host an environmental education ecocruise aboard it unique 32ft indian shipping canoe that accommodates 21 paddlers at a time."

3) PortSide New York announces free community sails in the Spring.

This from Carolina Salguero at PortSide New York who have assisted in providing a winter home for these two schooners in the Atlantic Basin -

Those masts sticking up behind Pier 11...
That's the Clipper City
Clipper City
She is a 158' long topsail schooner. Rafted alongside her, with masts down, is the
Shearwater, a 82-foot 1920's luxury schooner yacht. Both have a winter berth on Pier 11, Atlantic Basin thanks to outreach by PortSide NewYork.

As part of the deal, they will offer some free community sails next spring once the vessels begin operating again.

The Clipper City is the largest passenger sailboat in the USA. The Shearwater was recognized as a National Landmark this March.
Both vessels are operated by Manhattan By Sail.

“We are excited about bringing the largest passenger sailboat in the United States to Red Hook, said Carolina Salguero, PortSide NewYork’s Founder & Director. “PortSide is working to animate NYC’s Bluespace, and our local goal is to bring more boats, visitors and economic activity to Atlantic Basin. We look forward to planning the community sails in the spring. We thank the EDC and the Port Authority for moving so quickly on approving wharfage terms for the boats.”

I don't have the details about the free sails yet, but keep an eye on PortSide's website, here, for updates.


  1. You are an idiot. I have lived in the area for the past 40 years, my parents before me. I have seen Red Hook undergo many changes and for the most part the better. Most of the well paying jobs are gone in the area. Where are our youth suppose to get emplyment. Thank goodness for companies like ASI and Phoenix recruiting unskilled labor from the community and hiring them. The more income, less crime ... you yuppy ass moran. Youhave no idea what this area was like back inthe days. The pier is bothering no one, it's been here before us and it will be here long after. Perhaps you should get a job at Schoenberg Salt, oh wait they were here for over 100 years and are now, closed!!!! Or perhaps you can provide employment to the unskilled at long shoreman wages....