Friday, August 21, 2009

Bloomberg Again Voices Support for Red Hook Trolleys

Just a quick follow up to the previously announced feasibility study, initiated through $300,000 in funds secured through Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, for a reactivated trolley service in Brooklyn - particularly in Red Hook, which has been named specifically as a prime location for such a service. (See my recent post on this and other Red Hook matters here.)

Mayor Bloomberg has again stated his support for this plan, and as today's report (here) from WNYC News notes, he says that such a plan "will help meet the needs of growing waterfront neighborhoods." He is going as far as to make the proposal for a trolley service in the city's under-served waterfront neighborhoods part of his re-election campaign platform.

The news of the feasibility study was greeted with a positive response from many Red Hook residents and small businesses alike who are looking for better accessibility through better public transportation options in our neighborhood. (Despite the recent imposition of a $5 fare on the IKEA Water Taxi, and Red Hook's potential for a real ferry service, there's been nothing more in the news on improvement of waterborne transportation .... yet). However, along with the proposed splitting of the B61 bus and the improvements with reliability and congestion issues that will hopefully bring, this is good news.

It's also good news for the environment and the health of our community as trolleys are an efficient and environmentally friendly way to move people around, and their addition to our neighborhood would have the potential to reduce pollution and its impact on our residents - something that's unfortunately rare in Red Hook.

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