Friday, August 28, 2009

More Trolley News - Nydia Velazquez asks for $10 Million for Design and Construction

Another quick follow up to my Trolley post, below. In that previous post I neglected to convey the news that Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez has not only secured the funding for a feasibility study for a trolley service along the Brooklyn waterfront (actually these funds were secured a number of years ago), but she is also following through with a request for design and construction of the service.

This from our friends over at "The Word On Columbia Street", who refer to the recent Brooklyn Eagle article about the trolley plan, (here). The story states, referring to Congresswoman Velazquez,

"In her request for funding for the Fiscal Year 2010 surface transportation bill, she has included $10 million for “design and construction of a light rail system along the Brooklyn waterfront from Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn, N.Y.”

So not only a feasibility study for the trolley plan, but also the funds to see it through .... or at least to get it started. Not bad.

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