Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday, Sept. 13th, 5 - 7pm - Celebrate Historic Dutch Vessels in Red Hook

And where is the Atlantic Basin?, I hear you ask. This historic harbor, once the home of thriving waterfront activity, is on Red Hook's waterfront and is (recently ... they finally unlocked the gate!) accessible by foot through a gate right at the end of Pioneer Street and also by car via the entrance to the Cruise Ship terminal at Bowne Street. The use of this protected body of water has been debated recently with the plans proposed and now being implemented by the New York City Economic Development Corporation to relocate Phoenix Beverages to most of Pier 11 which fronts the Atlantic Basin - this even though Phoenix weren't to use the actual harbor - their ships are too large and will be docking outside of the Atlantic Basin at Pier 10 on the Buttermilk Channel. The EDC didn't figure much waterfront access nor open space into their plans, despite strong sentiment in the community, including from Community Board 6 as outlined in their list of guidelines for the use of the piers, who were advocating for those elements. But, thankfully, they did give a small portion of Pier 11 and a corner of the Atlantic Basin to PortSide New York who will be mooring their ship, the Mary Whalen, in the basin and will be conducting their cultural and other activities around the ship and their new home within Pier 11.

This event is the brainchild of Portside's Carolina Salguero. A great opportunity to view these boats, have a locally supplied snack with neighbors and invited dignitaries and to have a glimpse of this historic harbor nestled within our neighborhood.

Here's a map of the site - the X marks the spot to view the Dutch boats.

View Finding the Mary Whalen (Home of PortSide NewYork) in a larger map

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